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How to Style Your Gant Shirt Like a Real Gantleman

How to Style Your Gant Shirt Like a Real Gantleman

Hi guys, how are you doing today ? I’m happy to be back on the blog. I took some time off for my own sake because sometimes you just have to especially when summer is almost over. Now that we made it to September it's time to face reality and complete all my duties. #Work !

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting another street style look of mine. However the reality of life is: you have to dress up once in a while. As much as I would want to die in my urban wear. I just can’t! Plus a real 'Gantleman' has a few obligations too. 

How to Style Your Gant Shirt Like a Real Gantleman

Keeping your style on point is one of the obligations whether it's for work or leisure. Also you’ll never ever go wrong with a classic white shirt. 
The one I'm wearing by the way is from GANT…I'm sure you heard about them. An original shirt maker since 1949...any bells ringing?

Like any other style enthusiast I decided to take my iconic style item for a spin. And while we're at it let me share a little anecdote about my relationship with GANT. Related to their history and culture. 
My Gant Story
Back in 1949 the legendary American label was pretty popular in New York. Thanks to their expertise in the field of shirts. To my surprise I found out we got something in common with GANT. The founder Bernard Gantmatcher fell in love with his wife in the big apple. The one place I’m dying to go. From all the jobs his wife was a shirt buttons expert. Crazy compatible right?

I always said to my friends : "The love of my life is currently somewhere in New York city. I can feel it!" and that’s a statement I stand behind. Because I truly believe it…and that’s all that matters. Besides I thought it was everybody’s #LifeGoal ? To meet their soul mate in New York. I truly believe Mr. Bernard Gantmatcher aka the uber Gantleman would have persuaded me to go explore the world and keep chasing my dreams. So I made a promise to the uber Gantleman that I will be doing more of that.

How to Style Your Gant Shirt Like a Real Gantleman
I'm wearing : GANT shirt | RIVER ISLAND pants | TOMMY HILFIGER belt (via Zalando) | KOMONO watch | DR. MARTENS shoes | ZERO UV sunglasses | RIVER ISLAND satchel bag

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Photography by Arzo Monera

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