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Strellson always will be a synonym for sophisticated. In my younger years I wasn't ready to wear Strellson - at least not in a proper way. Now that I'm a grown ass man, I can relate to their men's style and properly combine it with other men's essentials in my wardrobe. Strellson is without a doubt destined for the everyday modern manly man.  

This Fall/Winter season Strellson's reigning color shades are Blue , Grey and Black. Colors that you'll be seeing a lot of this season on JON THE GOLD. The cosmopolitan man is not afraid to rock a monochrome look at work, while still looking masculine and fashion-forward. It's clear that Strellson has our back for their basic menswear collection and the premium collection. So All the men out there: KEEP STRELLSON ON YOUR STYLE LIST. You might also take a look at Strellson webstore as they're gifting a €10 voucher.

••• The When & Where 's •••

When & where is wearing Strellson Fall/Winter appropriate ?

- on Casual Fridays
- on Dressup Thursdays
- on a first date ( you'll leave a good impression style wise )
- on a boys night out ( be the sharpest looking amongst the bro's )
- at work 
- at school ( pick a blazer for a school presentation )
- on a job interview ( A first impression at a job interview is everything. Be business chic with Strellson for a first job interview. Pick subtle items without any prints. ) 

Strellson Premium

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